Friday, December 31, 2010

Moments of 2010

Life is a series of moments. Sometimes the moments all mesh together as in the day to day. Certain moments stand out. 2010 had moments, that at first glance, I wish hadn't happened, and others that are still making me smile.

I'm going to be a Granny again! There is nothing like it. My sweet Riley has brought me more joy than I could have ever believed. She turned 2 this year and oh the fun we are having together! This time I'm going to be Granny to a beautiful little boy. Ethan Bryant Orlando. I am very excited to meet him in June 2011. He is the son of my youngest daughter, Paige and her husband Jason. If you have read my blog recently you know that Paige and Ethan have been through a really rough time in the short time they have been together. They are both very strong and God is taking care of them. Overwhelmingly happy, grateful, thankful moments.

In my last post I shared some terrifying, heart-aching moments. I am so thankful to have my sweet Paigey and baby Ethan healthy. I'm also very grateful to the many, nurses and doctors who were instrumental in causing that end result. Together with my husband and my precious Ashley our little family held hands and gave each other strength as we prayed and stayed together during these fearful moments. Faith provoking moments.

My sweet sister, Angie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I cannot begin to explain the moments of despair, anger and sadness at the thoughts of what my sister has and is going to have to go through. They caught it early but hers was aggressive and had become invasive quickly. Two surgeries later and some radiation in the new year and Dr's. say she will be fine. I am distraught that she is suffering, and I am glad that I can understand what she is feeling. There is no woman that I know that is stronger than my sister. She will proudly carry the "survivor" banner, and I will be by her side, as she has been by mine. I am thankful that she will share another life changing experience with me. She is a wonderful person, sister, mother, aunt and Great Aunt Anzhee! Keeping moments of hope for her.

Both of my brothers lost their jobs this year. Jay lost his after many years of loyal service. Loyalty, hard work and integrity was not enough. These are sad times. He has always been willing to give more than the extra mile in everything he chooses to do. Russ lost his job when he became despondent after going through an agonizing divorce that was unexpected and not wanted. His world went from his dreams come true to a nightmare. He lost his focus. His surroundings, including his job, went by the wayside. Both of my brothers are good people. I believe that their lives will become what they want them to be. Moments of belief, God will see them through.

Clyde lost an Aunt who was a very important part of his life as a child. Her death has brought about many difficult emotions. Moments that were once thought of in one way are now construed in another. I pray every day for peace and acceptance of the circumstances. In 2010 we celebrated the 90th birthday of another of Clyde's aunts. (My personal favorite :)) Hazel has the sweetest most giving nature. Moments of her life will always bring a smile to my heart.

I became a great aunt again this year. I have two great nieces now. It saddens me that I am not and probably will not be close to either of these girls, but I will try to let them know that I am a part of their family and I care what happens to them and their families. Wishing for many moments of happiness for these two little girls.

My husband and I celebrated our 29th anniversary this year. The happiness I get from being married to Clyde is indescribable. He is no doubt the "one" for me. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like with out him in it. We are adjusting to the fact that our lives are different now that our children are grown. We treasure our time with our children and grandchildren but our time together, just the two of us, has become a treasure in its own. We have started vacationing. Just the two of us. We love it and look forward to it every year. This year we spent a week in one of our favorite places, Cabo San Lucas. The moments we share will stay with me always.

My niece, Amy Lynn, graduated from LPN school this year. She is still in school working hard on her RN certification. I am so proud of her. I am thankful that I was able to watch as she received her nurses lamp. I see her sweet smile and remember the child she once was, inquisitive and straight forward. She has grown, (not without her own struggles and disappointments in life) to be a wonderful woman making her way through adulthood with grace. Happily, I still see her inquisitiveness and straight forwardness. I hope she always knows how much I love her. The precious moments we spend together hold a special place in my heart.

There have been lots of other moments. Special little moments that would mean nothing to someone else, but mean the world to me. Like the day Riley asked me to dance to one of her favorite songs and we did. Right there in the den, with me holding her and spinning and bouncing and her giggling up a storm. When the song ended she let me squeeze her tight (which for a 2 year old is a big deal!) and hold her for a minute. At that very moment I thanked God for letting me have that moment with her.

So at second glance, even the most desperate of moments, have reinforced my belief that all moments, whether good or bad, happen for a reason. Life continues according to Gods plan. Whether I like it or not, 2010 taught me more than I wanted to learn, but I know now that I am stronger in my faith.

I hope that the moments of 2011 enhance your faith and fill your hearts with joy.

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  1. Well said! The combination of all things good and bad bring us here today to this momemnt --- and I wouldn't trade THAT for anything! Peace and love in the new year, and every year after!